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December 4, 2018 by Amanda Alexander

    Karyn Smitson, the executive director of Orr Fellowship, talks about her career before Orr Fellowship and what her daily life entails. From Host Company recruitment to working with and supporting Orr Fellows themselves, in our podcast today Karyn shares what it’s like to be on the other side …

Finalist Day Press Release-01
November 27, 2018 by Claire Griffith

  Indianapolis—Orr Fellowship extended job offers to 64 candidates from the largest applicant pool at the conclusion of organization’s interview day on Nov. 9. Since 2002, Orr Fellowship has matched high-achieving college seniors to full-time jobs in Indianapolis. In addition to working at their companies, Fellows participate in Orr’s programming …

Professional Development Tips_Networking-01
November 8, 2018 by Connor Rice

  Networking…Let’s face it, the phrase triggers sweaty palms, uneasiness, and nervous butterflies for even the most extroverted people. Networking requires everyone to get out of their comfort zone and SELL themselves – something most college seniors haven’t yet had to do before entering the workforce. To make matters worse, …

Alumni Spotlight_Josh Owens-01
November 7, 2018 by Amanda Alexander

  In our podcast today we interview Josh Owens, the current CEO of SupplyKick. Apart from being a business leader in Indianapolis, Josh is an Orr Fellowship Alumnus and was also a professor at Butler University with the Lacy School of Business. With such a diverse background, Josh gives some …

How I Got Here_Amanda Alexander-01
November 6, 2018 by Amanda Alexander

Most kids get into trouble. It’s in the definition of the word—kid. K-I-D; human who doesn’t understand rules and will ultimately cause strife, disorder, and anxiety to others around them. We all know what that moment was for us, right? Everybody has that time they can look back and say, …

Professional Development Tips: Networking

November 8, 2018 by Connor Rice

Alumni Spotlight: CEO of SupplyKick, Josh Owens

November 7, 2018 by Amanda Alexander

How I Got Here: A Creative Perspective

November 6, 2018 by Amanda Alexander

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